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Lions Athletics

St Helens High School


Lions Athletics

St Helens High School

Lions Athletics

St Helens High School

Team News.

Team News

3 years ago @ 6:17PM by Gina Harrington

Week of Jan 30-Feb 3


A reminder- we have team pictures Tuesday  the 31st at 3:45.  Individual pictures will be taken first and  then the team picture.  The photographers at Bell Studios are on a tight schedule and have to be in out of the pool as soon as possible for another shoot.  

We have a short amount of time to get more training and hone our skills for the District Meet.

Be ready to rumble these last two weeks!  

The week of District we'll be tapering for the meet.  

Make sure to eat regularly, healthily and well.

Get plenty of sleep

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Make sure to keep current in your classes.



Team News

3 years ago @ 8:29PM by Gina Harrington

Week of Jan 16-20

Hey Swimmers!

   Looks like we have another school cancelation.   That means no practice either.  That also means no Taco Tuesday at Victoria Robert's house either.

As it stands on Monday night, our schedule for the week looks like this:

No practice Tuesday

Practice Wednesday

Three way meet on Thursday

Make-up meet at Sandy on Friday.

This has been a wild and unpredictable season. We just have to take it as it comes.  The rest of our league is in the same boat, and we'll do the best we can with the practices we've had.

Take care and I hope to see you on Wednesday..

Team News

3 years ago @ 2:16PM by Gina Harrington

Upcoming schedule


 Monday 1/16/17 we will not be having practice on because of MLK Day.  We will reschedule pictures (again) as soon as possible.

Tuesday 1/17/17 we will have practice and Taco Tuesday at Victoria Robert's home.  

Wednesday 1/18/17  we will practice as usual.

Thursday 1/19/17 we will have our three way meet against Putnam and Milwaukie.

Friday 1/20/17 we have our makeup meet at Sandy.

Then looking ahead, we will have a meet in Hillsboro on Tuesday January 24th.

Three meets in 6 days will be a challenge but completely doable!

Enjoy your long weekend and be ready to get back to it next Tuesday!
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